Web Design and Hosting Training: Start your Own Business

Web Biz Training

Start earning by creating your own website now. Create a website for your portfolio, for a family, for party or for a client and start making money, with 24/7 support even after finishing your course. JOIN NOW!!!

1- Creating and executing a dynamic or  a static website.

We train you to create a website from scratch, starting from a basic static website to a dynamic website.
We teach different applications and techniques for you to create a website as you progress through the course.
So, at the end of the course you will have a waebsite of your choice up and running!

2- Webhosting Business setup.

If you are interested in creating your own Webhosting and Designing service, you will receive complete help without any extra charge!
We will help you set up a complete business portal for you to manage your business for Free!

3- 24/7 Support for your Business.

We will provide full back-end support for Your Web business.
An account will be provided where you will receive updates & support. 

TRAINING: online live projects

Course content:

  • Introducing to Domain and servers.
  • Understanding Business related to Domain and servers.
  • Design Modification; understanding how html and its tag works.
  • WHM, Domain and server integration.
  • Start bringing your static website to Live.
  • Web design in other platform.
  • Managing server cPanel and its applicaitons.
  • Creating Dynamic website.
  • Start bringing your Dyanmic website to Live.
  • and more...


  • Free: Domain, Space, email...
  • Bonus: Free Web Hosting Business setup:
  • After Training Affiliate Discount On all Products
  • Ready to use Web Hosting Business Website similar to Our website is Free for your Business
  • Dynamic web front where your client can search & purchase Domain, server & other products,
  • Dynamic back-end to Ctrl client, invoice, Manage Selling Price, Payment GateWay Integration and many...
  • 24/7 Tech Support for your Business.
  • Training Duration 1 Month.
  • For more details contact: +91 8951401780 / 9480158819

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